Importing Opt Out Numbers

If you have an existing list of recipients that have opted out of your marketing campaigns, touchSMS allows you to import this list and manage these numbers from your account.

To import a list of numbers to your opt out list, go to;

1. Opt Outs

2. Click on the arrow next to Add Opt Out > Import.

3. Confirm your country selection of you mobile numbers.

4. Browse and select your .csv file.

Tip: Import file must be saved and imported in csv or xlsx format.

5. Confirm your file layout;

  • Data only– if your file does not contain a horizontal description row
  • Description row – if your file contains a horizontal description row.

and click Next Step.

6. Your contacts file will now preview on screen. You will now need to indicate which column contains the mobile number and Click Process Import to import your contacts.

5. Your Opt Out List has now been imported. Return to Opt Outs to review list.

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