Reply to Opt Out

When sending marketing/promotional SMS, it is possible to capture and manage recipient Opt Outs automatically by allowing them to reply to your message with a keyword to Opt Out.

NOTE: Sender ID options for sending and receiving SMS vary from country to country due to local legislation. Below is an outline of options available to Australian customers.

To manage reply to Opt Out Keywords go to:

  1. Opt Outs
  2. Opt Out Settings tab

Here you will see a list of Opt Out Keywords – the word STOP has been added for you already.

To create a new Opt Out Keyword, simply enter it into the Add Opt Out Keyword field and click Add Keyword.

When composing your message, instruct your recipient to reply with the keyword to unsubscribe to future SMS communication.

ie. “Opt out? Reply STOP”


NOTE: Ensure we are able to support reply capabilities in your region. You must use a Sender ID option that allows your recipient to reply to your SMS. See Sender ID Options here.

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