Scheduling Messages

The touchSMS message scheduler means you can set and forget your message alerts, plan and execute your marketing communication well in advance and set up reoccurring messages ahead of time.

Once you have selected your recipients and composed your message, simply follow the steps below to schedule your message for later;

1. See Campaign Delivery features on the Send SMS screen


2. Use the toggle to enable Schedule Campaign options


3. Click in the Date field to select a future date/time for delivery


4. Use the Repeat Message dropdown to select a recurring time frame or send once.


5. Then use the buttons at the bottom of the page to either save this campaign as a draft for later, send yourself a test message to ensure the SMS is perfect or Send to save the schedule.


6. The Campaign Confirmation screen will appear with a summary of your campaign. Simply agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Submit Campaign.

Tip: Before submitting any message, ensure you are adhering to the privacy rules of Consent, Identification and Opt-Out.


7. To view your scheduled messages go to Send SMS > Scheduled SMS

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