Creating Templates

Setting up commonly used messages as templates in touchSMS, will save you time and can help in avoiding typing errors. Here’s how it’s done;

        1. Navigate to Send SMS > Templates
        2. To create a new template, click Create Template
        3. Name your template
        4. Use the From dropdown to select the Sender ID to be associated each time you send this template.
        5. To allow recipients to reply select from Shared Local Number, Verified Number, or Virtual Number options.

          To send a 1-way message that does not allow recipients to reply, select from approved Alphanumeric Sender IDs.

          NOTE: If you choose an Alphanumeric Sender ID to send marketing/promotion messages, recipients cannot reply to automatically Opt-Out, therefore you must use a different Opt-Out method.

        6. Type the content of your SMS in the Message area.
        7. NOTE: If a merge field is used in a message, and the recipients are not saved contacts in touchSMS, the merge field will simply be skipped in the message.

        8. When you have completed composing your template, click Save.

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