Creating Templates

Setting up your most commonly used messages as templates in touchSMS, will save you time and avoid any errors. Here’s how its done;

1. Navigate to SMS > Templates

Here you have the ability to Create Templates or manage/edit templates you have already created.


2. To create a new template, click Create Template.


3. Name your template, select your default Sender ID option and Compose your Message.

Tip: One message allows up to 160 characters. touchSMS will allow for you to exceed this amount and the message will be received as one part but you will be charged 1 credit per 160 characters. Keep an eye on your character count below your message text box. 


4. If you are planning to use this template to send SMS to saved Contacts or Groups, click the check box to enable “Include Merge Fields” to personalise your message.

Tip: If a merge field is used in a message, and the recipients do not have the relevant details saved in touchSMS,  the merge field will simply be skipped.


5. When you have completed composing your template, click Save.

 Sending SMS  
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