Short Links and Click Tracking

touchSMS will automatically replace your long URLs in the content of messages you send, with clickable short links and provide basic click-through stats.

Enable Short Links

To ensure touchSMS automatically shortens any URL you type or paste into the content of an SMS, navigate to:

  • Settings > Profile & Settings
  • Select the SMS Settings tab
  • Enable the option to Automatically Shorten URLs

This setting will apply to all messages sent from the touchSMS platform and via API/integrations.

To track the number of clicks on your short links, you must ensure that the Shorten URLs option is also enabled on the Send SMS screen when you send your campaign.

  • Navigate to, Send SMS
  • Under Campaign Delivery options, ensure Shorten URLs option is enabled.

NOTE: When enabling Automatically Shorten URLs in SMS Settings, the option on the sending screen will be switched on by default.

Short Links in Reports

To view click stats, navigate to:

  • Reports > Campaign
  • Select the SMS campaign you sent with the short link

The full URL will appear at the bottom of the Delivery Status summary.

A tally of Link Clicks per campaign will be displayed.


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