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Want to use a branded sender ID for your SMS marketing campaign and still be spam compliant? touchSMS opt out form is the perfect tool to allow this. Instead of sending your campaign with an open reply path and traditional Opt Out? Reply STOP, this tool allows you to use your business name as a sender ID (eg touchSMS) and still allow recipients to opt out via a link in your SMS. Recipients that enter their number into the Opt Out Form will automatically be added to your opt out list in your touchSMS account.


Setting up touch SMS Opt Outs Form once logged into your touchSMS account;

1. Navigate to Opt Out.

Below Opt Out Form is the code that you are required to add to a new page on your own website.

Below the code is a preview of the Opt Out Form.


2. Create a new page on your website called Opt Out and add the Opt Out Form Code to this page.

Tip: If you do not have access to your website you will need to contact the manager or creator of your website and request the above.


3. Once your new web page is created and Opt out Form code is added we recommend using a shorten link service such as bitly.com or tiny.cc (these services are free and not affiliated to touchSMS) to shorten your URL.

eg Opt out? bit.ly/touch-sms


4. Once you have created your short link you can now add it to your SMS.

eg Opt out? bit.ly/touch-sms


If you require any assistance with the Opt Out Form please submit a support ticket – be sure to include your touchSMS username (email)

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