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Want to use a branded (Alphanumeric) sender ID for your SMS marketing campaign and still be spam compliant? touchSMS opt out link is the perfect tool to allow this.

Instead of sending your campaign with an open reply path and traditional Opt Out? Reply STOP, this tool allows you to use your business name as a sender ID (eg touchSMS) and still allow recipients to opt out via a link in your SMS.

Recipients that enter their number into the Opt Out Form will automatically be added to your opt out list in your touchSMS account.



To view and manage your Opt Out Link, go to;

1. Opt Out

2. Click on the Opt Out Link tab.

3. Here you can copy your unique Opt Out Link and customise the Opt Out Confirmation Message shown after a number has been successfully opted out.

4. If making any changes, be sure to click Save.



How to send an SMS with your Opt Out Link, go to;

1. Send SMS

2. Build your Recipients List by adding contacts or groups, importing a file or entering/pasting numbers in the text area provided.

3. Use the From drop-down to select your Sender ID.

4.  Compose your message, then click Signatures > select Out out Link from the dropdown and your opt out link will be inserted into your message.

5. If you wish to schedule or stagger your campaign use the Campaign Delivery tools available.

6. Click Send.


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