Send SMS to a Contact

Once you’ve updated your touchSMS contacts by adding names and mobile numbers, you can make the sending process even easier. touchSMS will automatically make merge buttons available for you to be able to personalise your message to your contacts. Sending to contacts can be done in a few short steps.

1. Navigate to SMS Send SMS


2. Go to Contacts and select your recipient(s). They will be automatically added to your Recipient List

Tip: You can deselect any selected contact from either the Contacts or Recipients List spaces.

touchSMS allows for a mix of manual, pasted or recipients from Contacts or Groups to be added to the Recipients List for sending at the same time


3. When you click away from the Contacts box, your recipient’s mobile numbers are added to the Recipients List tab.

Here, you can view and remove recipients.


4. Confirm Campaign Name

Tip: Using the Campaign Name option is great when sending frequently. You will be able to quickly and easily identify your campaign when viewing your reports.


5. Select the Template drop-down to choose a template you prepared earlier or compose your own SMS Message.

Tip: If you send the same type of message regularly, setting up templates is a great way to save time and avoid errors. Click here to find out how to Set Up SMS Templates


6. Use the From drop-down to select your Sender ID

Allow Replies: Select Shared Number or a Virtual Number. Replies from these messages will be recorded in the Web Inbox and Report. You can elect for a copy of replies to be sent to your email.

Block Replies: Select a Sender ID  from your verified list below from Sender ID – No Replies. Recipients are not able to reply to these messages.


7. When sending to Contacts you will be able to select from a range of merge fields for message personalisation.

Tip: Insert First Name into your message using the available merge fields to add an element of personalisation to your message. 


8. Type your message in the SMS Message text area, if you haven’t already selected a template.

Tip: One message allows up to 160 characters. touchSMS will allow for you to exceed this amount and the message will be received as one part but you will be charged 1 credit per 160 characters. Keep an eye on your character count below your message text box. 


9. Click Send Campaign for your message to be sent immediately or select Schedule Campaign if you would like your message to be sent at a later time.

See article Scheduling Messages for details on how to use this function.


10. A pop-up window will appear. Agree to the Terms and Conditions then click Send Campaign.

It is very important that you adhere to the privacy rules. The three key steps you should follow are:

Consent – Only send commercial electronic messages with the addressee’s consent – either express or inferred consent

Identification – Include clear and accurate information about the person or business that is responsible for sending the commercial electronic message

Unsubscribe – Ensure that a functional unsubscribe facility is included in all your commercial electronic messages. Deal with unsubscribe requests promptly

Tip: It is important to take a moment to also double check that you are happy with the number of messages that are about to be sent.

Your message has now been sent and will arrive at the handset shortly.

 Sending SMS  
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