Sender IDs

With touchSMS, you have the ability to set up multiple Sender IDs – Alpha Sender IDs and Verified Numbers.

Things to consider when adding Sender ID;

Alpha Sender ID
  • All Alpha Sender IDs are submitted for approval by touchSMS
  • These should be limited to business names
  • Customers cannot reply to message send using an Alpha Sender ID
  • These can only be used when sending to Australian mobile numbers
Verified Number
  • Replies to SMS sent using your own number or an additional verified mobile number will still be received on your handset. touchSMS cannot intercept messages sent to numbers provisioned by other carriers.
  • You will be required to manage opt-outs yourself.

Adding an Alpha Sender ID to your touchSMS account, go to;

1. Settings > Sender IDs

2. Check the box certifying that the Alpha Sender ID has a close and substantial connection to the person/business that it is intended to represent, including your business name, trade mark, product or service name, an acronym, abbreviations, or contraction of your entity.

3. Enter your Alphanumeric Sender ID into the field – letters, numbers and spaces accepted. 11 characters max.

3. Click Submit.

NOTE: In accordance with local legislation, all Alphanumeric Sender IDs are submitted to the touchSMS for review before they are allocated to your account for sending. Your Sender ID request can take up to 24 hours for approval.


Adding a verified number to your touchSMS account, go to;

1. Click on Verify Number tab.

2. Enter Your Number into the field, and click send code.

3. A verification code will be sent to Your Number, once received enter the Verification Code in the next field

3. Click Verify & Save.


Tip: You can delete a Sender ID on your account by clicking on the ellipsis icon (⋮) and then Delete.

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