Inbound SMS to your Virtual Number in SMS Chat

NB: You must have purchased a touchSMS virtual number in order to use this function.

When you receive an inbound SMS or reply to your Virtual Number, it will appear in your touchSMS Web Inbox, in SMS Chat and a notification sent to your email if you have this function enabled (see Two Way SMS Notifications – Email). There is also a dynamic notification badge that will appear in the SMS Chat shortcut link () at the top right of the platform when an SMS is received. Clicking on this notification badge will open the Inbound SMS and conversation thread in SMS Chat.


To view and filter SMS received to your Virtual Number in SMS Chat, go to;

1. SMS Chat.

2. Click on the Ellipsis icon (⋮) > Filter to Virtual Number.

3. Select your Virtual Number from the dropdown list. SMS Chat will filter to display all messages received to the Virtual Number you selected.

4. To clear the filter, click on the Ellipsis icon (⋮) > Clear Filter.

 Inbound SMS, Virtual Numbers  
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