Inbound SMS to your Virtual Number

NB: You must have purchased a touchSMS virtual number in order to use this facility.


Using your virtual number to send messages from touchSMS (selecting your virtual number as the Sender ID) automatically enables Replies to SMS.


You can promote your Virtual Number in advertisements, billboards, websites, business cards and other mediums to encourage current and potential contacts/customers to text in; perfect for orders, appointments or campaign submissions.


When your have received a message to your Virtual Number, it will appear in the touchSMS Web Inbox and a notification sent to your email if you have this function enabled (see Two Way SMS Notifications – Email). There is also a dynamic notification badge that will appear in the Web Inbox shortcut at the top of each page in touchSMS when a SMS is received.

Inbound SMS via the Web Inbox shortcut

1. Received messages will be displayed in as a badge on your Web Inbox shortcut at the top of each page in touchSMS.


2. When you click on the Web Inbox shortcut, the unread message will appear in a grey box.


Inbound SMS via the Web Inbox

1. Navigate to  Web Inbox


2. Select your Virtual Number from the Report Format drop down.


3. Select your date range from the Start and End Date fields and click search


NOTE: Any recipients who reply with a request to be removed from your SMS correspondence (Opt Outs), those messages will still be received as a reply to your Web Inbox/Email as well as populate you Opt Outs list in touchSMS.

See Managing Opt Outs for details on how to manage this list.

 Inbound SMS, Virtual Numbers  
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