Two Way SMS Notifications – SMS Chat

When you have received a reply to your Two Way SMS, it will appear in the SMS Chat and a notification sent to your email if you have this function enabled (see Two Way SMS Notifications – Email). There is also a green dynamic notification badge that will appear in the main menu and the SMS Chat shortcut at the top of each page in touchSMS when an inbound SMS is received.

Using the SMS Chat Shortcut

1. Replies will be displayed as a badge on your SMS Chat shortcut at the top of each page in touchSMS.

2. When you click on the SMS Chat shortcut, the unread inbound SMS will appear in a grey dropdown.

NOTE: Recipients replying with a Keyword request eg. “STOP” to be removed from any future broadcasts will be automatically placed in your “Opt Outs” list. You will also receive their response to your web inbox.

See Managing Opt Outs for details on how to manage this list.

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