Number Porting to or from touchSMS

We understand the importance of consistency for the purpose of maintaining credibility; especially when it comes to mobile communication.

If you currently have a Virtual Number with another provider, we are able to take your number and move it directly to our network -this process is called “number porting”. We are able to port phone numbers from most Australian providers to our network by submitting the below application.

NOTE: Virtual Number Porting is only available for Australian Virtual Numbers.


How do I port my number to touchSMS?

Have your existing Virtual Number provider complete the Porting Application Form below. Once completed and returned to you, submit the completed application to support@touchsms.com.au.

The support team will raise a porting ticket with the carrier on your behalf and keep you informed its process.

NOTE: To ensure correct account number/Bind ID details are submitted, have your existing provider complete the form. Incorrectly submitted applications can delay the already lengthy porting process. Porting process can take up to 5 weeks to complete depending on the carrier and their porting queue.

Download Porting Application Form Here

Submit your completed Porting Application to support@touchsms.com.au


What happens next?

Once the carrier has ported the number to our network, an invoice will be generated for the first Virtual Number rental fee + $50 AUD porting fee. This invoice will appear in your account for payment (go to PURCHASE > INVOICES to make payment).

Once payment is received, the number will be provisioned and activated on your account for use.

For more details, contact our support team at support@touchsms.com.au


How do I port my Virtual Number out of touchSMS?

Simply send an email to support@touchSMS.com.au requesting the release of your Virtual Number to another third party provider.

The support team will supply you with the Virtual Number Bind ID – this can be given to your new provider to facilitate the porting process for you.

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