Purchasing a Virtual Number

Standard VNs allow you to send SMS and receive both SMS and MMS, while Call Forward Virtual Numbers (CFVN) have sending/receiving SMS capabilities only and allow you to forward calls made to this number.

To purchase an Australian SMS + MMS or SMS + Call Forward Virtual Number

1. Navigate to Virtual Numbers then click Order Number

2. Use the checkboxes to narrow results to either SMS+MMS or SMS+Call Forward

3. Select a number from the dropdown results and follow the payment prompts.

For International Virtual Numbers

1. On the same page, click Request International Number

3. Complete and submit the required Application Form

Your request has now been sent to the touchSMS team. You will be notified once the Virtual Number has been provisioned and an invoice raised on your account. Number will be activated once payment of invoice is made. Some regions take up to 14 days to have numbers provisioned by local carriers and come with set up fees. Contact our support team at support@touchsms.com.au to discuss.

Virtual Number Charges

Virtual Number purchases can only be made via saved credit card. Your number will be automatically renewed monthly until it’s cancelled. Refer to How do I cancel my Virtual Number? if you would like to remove the VN from your account.

Australian SMS + MMS Virtul Numbers: $15 per month (inc gst). No charge to receive inbound SMS.

Australian SMS + Call Forward Number: $30 per month (inc gst). No charge to receive inbound SMS.

Call Forward numbers:

  • Include 100 minutes FREE call forwarding every month.
  • Per second rate for call forwarding thereafter.
    • 5.8c per minute to Australian landlines
    • 9.8c per minute to Australian mobile numbers
    • 9.8c per minute Australian FLRN (ie. 1300 numbers)
  • Call charges charged to your saved credit card monthly.

NOTE: CFVNs are currently Australian numbers only.

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