What is a Virtual Number?

There are two types of local virtual mobile numbers: shared and dedicated. Shared local numbers are free for businesses to use while dedicated virtual numbers can be leased for a monthly fee.

Dedicated Virtual Numbers also referred to as virtual numbers, dedicated numbers or long codes, and look like a normal mobile number that you can use to send and receive SMS text messages and receive MMS. Virtual numbers allow you to send and receive messages to and from the same number, ideal for 2-way message campaigns and text-in message campaigns.

How do Virtual Numbers work?

Virtual numbers are mobile numbers assigned to your touchSMS account. This number is exclusive to your account and allows you to send individual or bulk SMS messages to your customers or staff from the same number, every time. Your customers and staff can also send SMS or MMS to your Virtual Number at any time, all inbound SMS appear in your touchSMS account.

How virtual numbers can help your business

Brand recognition
All your business SMS can be sent from the same number, making you more accessible to your customers and staff. All communications will appear in the same thread on the recipient’s phone.

Customers can initiate communications
With virtual numbers, your customers and staff can initiate the conversation by sending you an SMS or MMS. You can advertise your virtual number, allowing your customers and staff to reach you at any time via SMS.

Keyword Automation
You can set up multiple keywords with customised responses. Each time your customer ‘texts in’ a keyword the system will send your automated response immediately.

Inbound MMS
Receive picture or multi-media messages from your customers or staff using your Virtual Number. Inbound MMS appear in the chat conversation thread in your touchSMS account.


How you can use your Virtual Number

Build your Database
Using your virtual number, allow your customers to opt-in to receive updates and special offers. Advertise your number in marketing collateral or online and watch your database grow.

SMS Marketing Campaigns
Send bulk, personalised SMS marketing campaigns. Encourage customers to text in a keyword, which can trigger an automated response.

Bulk Alerts & Notifications
Send updates, notifications and alerts using a single number that your customers, staff or community can identify and trust.

Feedback & Surveys
Follow-up with a survey to your customers and allow them to reply directly to your virtual number. Set up rules and auto responses associated with inbound keywords.

Appointment Reminders
Keep track of appointment confirmations, rescheduling or cancellations and reduce no-shows by sending appointment and booking reminders.

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