Virtual Number Settings

A Virtual Number (also known as a dedicated number) is essentially a mobile number that can be acquired exclusively for you to send and receive SMS from. Virtual Numbers allow you to set up simple automatic replies for recipients that text in and or more sophisticated replies to specific keywords.

To set up your purchased Virtual Number:

1. Navigate to Virtual Numbers

2. Click on the three dots and select Edit.

3. Under Virtual Number Name, give the number a name.

4. Forward notifications of inbound messages to your VN, enter details in the Forward inbound messages to Email Address, Mobile Number or URL area.

5. If you have purchased a Call Forward Virtual Number, enter the destination for calls to your VN in Forward inbound calls to Landline or Mobile Number.

NOTE: Call Forward feature is immediately connected when you enter the destination number. You can change the forwarding destination anytime.

6. You have the option to enable Auto Reply using the toggle. This will automatically send a preset message to anyone who has sent a message to your Virtual Number.

Tip: Auto Reply is NOT mandatory but is a great way to let the person who text in to your number, know that you have received their message. Perfect for order, appointment or campaign submissions

7. Manage Keywords allows you to set up Keywords that automatically trigger a message when an inbound SMS is received to your VN containing that keyword/phrase.

Tip: These are NOT mandatory but they are a great way to automate responses to standard enquiries, provide specific information by code or capture competition entries. See here for how to set up Keywords.


 Virtual Numbers  
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