SMS for Microsoft Power Automate – Setup and User Guide

This integration makes adding SMS to your workflow in Power Automate incredibly simple. Let’s do it.

NOTE: To maximise your feature experience, we recommend purchasing a Virtual Number when using our Microsoft integrations.

1. Sign up and add credits

touchSMS is a pre-paid SMS platform – no contracts, hidden fees or minimum spend and you can close your account at any time. To sign up and activate your touchSMS account, all you need is a verified email address and mobile number – no credit card required.

We’ll even give you 10 free SMS credits to get you started.

You can then pre-purchase more credits as needed at 5c per credit or set up Auto-Top Up to ensure you don’t run out of credits when sending. Click here for more information

One credit is used for 1 SMS of up to 160 characters. Your credit balance will always appear in the top right corner of your touchSMS account. To purchase credits log in to your touchSMS account:

  1. Navigate to Purchase Credits
  2. Enter the number of prepaid Credits you wish to purchase and click Calculate.
  3. Complete your Payment Information using your credit card or PayPal account and click Finalise Purchase.

If you already have a touchSMS account, log in and move on to Step 2.

2. Connect your touchSMS account to Power Automate/ Workflows

The first time you use the touchSMS app, you will be asked to Create a new connection and enter your Access Token and Token ID.


To find your Access Token and Token ID, login to touchSMS and navigate to SETTINGS > API SETTINGS

3. Create a workflow that is triggered by an inbound SMS

The touchSMS Inbound SMS trigger will allow you to initiate a workflow when an SMS is recieved to your Virtual Number.

Start your workflow by searching for and adding the touchSMS trigger.

Use the dropdown to select the Virtual Number that will trigger the workflow.

NOTE: Inbound SMS trigger can only be used with Virtual Numbers.

The inital workflow tigger will then be set.

You can then use conditional workflow actions or other apps to achieve specific tasks based on the message content, the time at which the message is received or who has sent the message.

4. Add SMS sending to your workflow

The touchSMS sending action will submit an SMS based on your workflow triggers.

Simply click Add an action to add touchSMS to your workflow

Search for and select touchSMS from the actions list

Click the Send SMS Message action to start configuring your message.

Populate the fields according to your sending requirements.

To: Enter the number you wish to send the SMS to here.

From: Choose from the list of your approved Sender ID’s or Virtual Numbers. These options appear as per your touchSMS account. To register a new Sender ID or purchase a new Virtual Number, login to your touchSMS account to manage these options.

Content: Compose your message here.

Campaign Name: This is simply an optional tag which appears in your touchSMS reports to allow you to quickly identify messages.

You can populate these field based on data captured by triggers in your workflow. To do so, simply click on the lightening bolt at the end of each field.


Data from previous steps will then appear listed for selection.

Click on Advanced parameters for additional sending options.

Include an additional Reporting Reference or select Schedule Date to have the message sent on a specific date/time.

Configuration is saved automatically as you progress, so once you’re happy with your message you can simply click away to continue building your workflow.

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