Adding Form 2 SMS to your website

Embed an enquiry form on your website which will send the enquiry via SMS to your Mobile Number

1. Navigate to Integrations > Form 2 SMS.

2. Click on the + Create Form button, enter the Name of your Form, the Redirect URL (Note: A redirect URL is not required, but is recommended. If you don’t specify a URL, the user will be shown a generic success page with a back button.), and the Number the submissions will be sent to from the Send to dropdown, the click Save.

Note: If the Number you want submissions to be sent to doesn’t appear in the dropdown you will need to add it as a verified sender ID, for more details click here.

3. Once saved the Form code will generate.  Here you can copy the form code and add it to your website.

Note: You can use the standard form code below as a starting point for your form. The number field is the only required field. You can add or rename any of the other fields, and they will be placed into the SMS you receive and logged in your form’s submissions page.


Viewing Submissions to your Form 2 SMS ;

1. From your touchSMS account, go to; Integrations > Form 2 SMS

2. Click on the ellipsis icon (⋮) of the Form you want to view submissions, then click Submissions.

2. The Submission page will open and you can view all Submission to your selected Form 2 SMS.

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