Enabling Automatic Top-up

Make sure you never run out of credits! With touchSMS you can set-up automatic top-up sallows you to send messages through your email client such as outlook and mail instead of having to login to the touchSMS Platform. In order to use Email to SMS you will need to ensure it is enabled in your touchSMS account.

1. Navigate to Purchase > Auto Top-up

2. If you haven’t saved your credit card details you are required to add a credit card to your account before you can setup an auto top-up.

Click on Add Credit Card button and enter your details before clicking Save

3. Navigate back to Purchase > Auto Top-up

Enter your Auto Top-up parameters view example below

I want to purchase  SMS for  when my balance falls below  SMS.

Selected your preferred credit card and click Save

4. Your Auto Top-up has been successfully set up. Now as per the example above once credits on your account fall below 200 the system will automatic top-up your account with 1000 credits.

Invoices for all purchases including auto top-up are stored in your account. To view all invoices navigate to Purchase > Invoice History.



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