Reports – Web Inbox

A specific report designed to display the results of inbound SMS to your account. You can use filters to narrow results to show only inbounds from a particular recipient/contact or those sent to your Virtual Number.

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Select Web Inbox

3. Here you have the options:

  • Select a Start and End Date
  • Show results only by Virtual Number
  • Filter to show results by recipient/contact number

Make your selection and click Search.

4. Report will display a detailed view of inbound messages in the following columns;

  • Received – date/time inbound message was received by the platform
  • Inbound From – the number of the person who sent you the message
  • Inbound To – the number the recipient sent the message to (ie. your virtual number)
  • Inbound Message – the content of the message received
  • Outbound Message – the content of the message you sent if the inbound message is in reply to your SMS.

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