Reports – Overview

Get a snapshot of the number of messages sent and received, during a defined period and collated by time period and filtered by submission type.

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Select Overview

3. Define the following:

  • Start and End Date
  • Use the dropdown to select how results are displayed (daily, monthly or yearly) by Period
  • Filter to display messages sent by Source (Web, Email, Integration etc)

Click Search to display report results.

Tip: To understand each delivery status see article Understanding Delivery Status of an SMS

4. Report will display the number of messages submitted during the selected period.

Each line is broken down into the following columns;

  • Period – specific date, month or year depending on your period selection
  • Total Messages – number of recipients
  • Total Message Parts – number of message parts submitted
  • Total Cost – cost is calculated by the number of recipients, times the number of parts per message
  • Web Messages – number of messages sent from the online platform
  • Email Messages – number of messages sent from using email to SMS
  • Integration Messages – number of messages sent via a direct integration ie. HubSpot, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • API Messages – number of messages sent using our API

5. Click on a Total Message result to reveal further campaign details.

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