What information is visible in Reports?

touchSMS includes a comprehensive reporting system to ensure that every message you send and every response you receive is logged and visible at the touch of a button. There are 4 reports to choose from depending on the level of detail you want to view:

1. Overview;

This report displays a total of messages (number) for your selected period, either in daily, monthly or yearly format. You can also use the “Source” dropdown to filter results based on how the messages were sent. ie. Web, Email etc.

2. Detailed;

Detailed reports display a breakdown of each message submitted within a period – details include the date, time, sender ID, recipient’s mobile number, message content and delivery status.

3. Campaigns;

Campaign reports display a summary report of messages, in the batches they were submitted. For your chosen period, report will display the date, time, campaign name, number of recipients, number of replies received, and a preview of the message sent.

4. Web Inbox;

Your Web Inbox is a consolidated view of messages received to your touchSMS account for any given period. Inbound messages include those in reply to SMS you have sent out, as well as messages texted into your Virtual Number (if you have one). You can use the dropdowns to filter by inbound mobile number (person who messaged you) or Virtual Number (messages sent to your VN only).

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