Reports – Detailed View

Detailed reports show all the details of submitted messages ie. Sender ID, recipient numbers, message content and delivery status, all in one report. You can also use additional filters such as Phone Number and Delivery Status to drill down on your results.

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Select Detailed Report

3. Here you have the options:

  • Select a Start and End Date
  • Filter to show results by their Delivery Status
  • Show results only by Virtual Number
  • Filter to show results by recipient/contact number

Make your selection and click Search.

4. The overall Status of messages sent and received during your selected period will be summarised at the top of the results.

Tip: To understand each delivery status see the article Understanding Delivery Status of an SMS

5. All the details of each SMS sent during your selected date range appear line by line.

Displaying Date and Time of send, From (the Sender ID used), To (your message recipient), Message preview, Status (delivery receipt) and number of Parts (length of message).


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