Yes, these Sender IDs are called Alphanumeric or Alpha Sender IDs.

This option is available for sending SMS to Australia and some other selected regions. See our Sender ID Options by Country for more information.


Sending SMS from an Alphanumeric Sender ID – No Replies

An Alphanumeric Sender ID is usually a business or brand name that appears in place of a phone number when sending an SMS. It offers instant brand recognition but does NOT allow recipients to reply.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs can be up to 11 characters and include letters, numbers and spaces.

We generally only recommend using these Sender IDs for reminders and alerts where you do not need to worry about receiving opt-outs or replies. If you choose to use an Alphanumeric Sender ID for marketing/promotional campaigns, you must include an Opt Out Link in the message.


  • Branded experience for users


  • Users cannot reply to messages sent using an Alphanumeric Sender ID.
  • If your message is commercial or marketing, you must still provide a valid opt-out method. See Opt Out Link


Create an Alphanumeric Sender ID on your Account

To register an Alphanumeric Sender ID for commercial messaging, log into your touchSMS account and navigate to:

Settings > Senders IDs

Follow the prompts to submit your Alphanumeric Sender ID for registration.

NOTE: In accordance with local legislation, all Alphanumeric Sender IDs are submitted to the touchSMS for review before they are allocated to your account for sending. Your Sender ID request can take up to 24 hours for approval.

For more information read Understanding Sender ID Options

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