Yes, these custom Sender ID’s are referred to as Alphanumeric or Alpha Sender ID’s.


Use a Custom Sender ID – No Replies

A Custom (or Alphanumeric) Sender ID is usually a business name or branded word that appears in place of a phone number as the Sender ID. It offers instant brand recognition but is suitable for one-way messages only – recipients cannot reply to messages sent from a custom sender ID.

Custom Sender IDs may be up to 11 characters. Accepted characters include both upper- and lower-case ASCII letters and the digits 0 through 9: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

The most important thing to understand about a Custom Sender ID, is that the recipient CANNOT reply to the message. We generally only recommend considering a Custom Sender ID for things like reminders and alerts where you do not need to worry about receiving opt-outs or replies.


  • Branded experience for users



  • Users cannot reply to the message in any way as it is not a number.
  • If your message is commercial or marketing in nature, you must still provide a valid opt-out method.


If you would like to use a custom Sender ID for commercial messaging, login into your touchSMS account click on Settings > Allowed Senders IDs

For more information read article Understanding Sender ID Options

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