When you sign-up for a touchSMS account, we will send you an SMS verification code that you are required to enter during the signup process.  If you haven’t received an SMS verification code, please see the steps below to resolve this issue.

Have you entered the incorrect mobile number?

If you have accidentally entered your number incorrect you will need to contact touchSMS support directly with your username (email) and correct mobile number – click here

I have entered my mobile number correctly

  1. 1. Check that your mobile phone is within reception range and switched on.
    The SMS verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number that you provide on sign-up, please try turning it on and off and ensure that it has mobile coverage and is switched on.
  2. 2. Contact the touchSMS Support Team
    If your issue is still not resolved and you are yet to receive your SMS verification code, our friendly support team will be happy to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. When contacting our support team, please provide details such as:
      • Account username (email used to sign-up)
      • The correct mobile number you wish to have associated with your account.

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