Sending Email to SMS

touchSMS allows you to send SMS through your email client such as outlook and mail in addition to the touchSMS Platform. In order to use Email to SMS, ensure it is enabled in your touchSMS account, to confirm this see our article Enabling Email to SMS.


Sending Email to SMS;

1. Open your email and click New Email.

2. In the To field type the recipients mobile number followed by @touchsms.email
eg 0410111111@touchsms.email

3. Type your message in the email body.

Tip: As a default your max character count is 160 including space (160 Characters = 1 SMS = 1 message part). If you exceed the 160 character count the system will cut off your SMS. You can increase the  Maximum Message Parts in Email to SMS of your touchSMS account.

4. When sending EmailSMS, please ensure that you remove any signatures/graphics/disclaimers from the message body. A quick and easy solution is to add #END# to the end of your message. This will automatically remove any content after this point without the need to manually remove.

5. Once you have composed your message click Send.

NOTE: If replies are enabled they will be sent to the original email sender and visible in your touchSMS account. To update your Email to SMS Sender ID click here.

 Email To SMS  
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