Importing Contacts using .CSV Files

You can upload contacts to your touchSMS account by .csv file:


1. Navigate to Contacts.


2. In the top hand corner, click Import Contacts.


3. Confirm your country selection.


4. Browse and select your .csv file.


5. Confirm your file layout;

  • Data only– if your file does not contain a horizontal description row
  • Description row – if your file contains a horizontal description row.

and click Next Step.


6. Your contacts file will now preview on screen. You will now need to indicate what each column contains.

E.g. Indicate which column contains mobile numbers, First Name and so on.

Tip:If your file does not contain all details for these clients, just leave the drop downs blank. 


7. Allocate your file columns to the specified drop downs.


8. Click Process Import to import your contacts.

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