Periodic Reports – Daily Report

Daily reports give you the total number of messages sent per day from your account, during a specified period.

1. Navigate to Reports.

2. Using the Report Format drop down, select Daily Report and your Start Date and End Date and click Search.

3. The overall Status of messages sent during your selected period are displayed in percentage graphs at the top as well as Replies.

Tip: To understand each delivery status see article Understanding Delivery Status of an SMS

4. Grouped Report will show you a Summary of messages per day.

Each line is broken down into 7 columns, Date, Total SMS sent, number of Campaigns completed and how many of those messages were sent via Web SMS, Email SMS, API SMS and Inbound SMS (replies).

5. Individual Report will show you a Detailed Report of each message sent.

Each message sent during your selected date range will appear on a separate line. Displaying Date and Time of send, Sender ID, Recipient (if the recipient is a saved contact their name will appear here), Message preview and Status (delivery receipt).

Tip:  If you have enabled Replies for a campaign, the Sender ID will be shown as “Replies Enabled”. If you have used a purchased Virtual Number for your send, the Sender ID will appear as the Virtual Number itself. If you have chosen not to receive replies to your message by allocating an authorised alphanumeric Sender ID, this will appear in this column. See article Understanding your Sender ID Options.

6. Click on the content in the Message column to reveal further campaign details.

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