Registering an Email to SMS addresses

touchSMS is a single user platform (one login/account per user) however you have the ability to register one or more individual email addresses to use the email to SMS function. If you wish to use Email to SMS and have multiple email addresses you can register all of them in touchSMS account.


To register an email address to use Email to SMS, go to;

1. Settings > Email to SMS

2. Click on  + Add Email Address.

3. Enter the Email Address you wish to register and select the Default Sender ID  to be used when sending Email to SMS from this email

4. Click Add Email


Tip: You can amend or delete any email address in the list simply by clicking on the ellipsis icon (⋮) then Edit or Delete.


More information on Email to SMS see our other articles Sending Email to SMS and Enabling Email to SMS

 Email To SMS, Settings  
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